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Defending The 2nd Amendment

Gun ownership is part of our way of life in Texas. Susan has been defending our right to bear arms for decades as a grassroots activist in the Republican party and she will bring that same voice to Washington. As liberals in Washington try and take away our constitutional rights, Susan will be there to back Texas’s law-abiding gun owners.

Protecting The Right To Life

Every human, born or unborn, is endowed with these rights given to us by our creator: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is no circumstance where abortion should be permitted or tolerated. Susan believes that all life is sacred, and one of her most profound duties as a Member of Congress, would be to protect the unborn.

Securing The Border & Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Our nation’s immigration system is broken. What Americans are seeing at our southern border right now is a humanitarian crisis. Susan will fight to continue the Trump Administration’s commitment to finishing the wall, ensure our ICE officers and other Law Enforcement officers have adequate resources, and rescind the Biden Administration’s executive orders encouraging illegal immigration and mass amnesty. Susan understands the importance of enforcing our laws and securing our border to keep our communities safe.

Cutting Taxes & Spending

As a Member of Congress, Susan will fight to reduce the size of government and keep Washington bureaucrats out of the lives of Texans. Susan will work to cut spending by reducing waste and bureaucracy, balancing the budget, codifying the Trump tax cuts, and working to ensure our grandchildren will not pay the price for our nation’s fiscal mistakes. As chairwoman of the Community Development Council for the City of Fort Worth, Susan was constantly working across the aisle to craft a budget for council approval. It’s time Republicans and Democrats get serious about our nation’s $28 trillion debt and the federal government’s reckless spending.

Ensuring Election Integrity

When it comes to election integrity, Susan believes that every voice should be heard, every legal vote should be verified, and every law should be followed. While serving as a Tarrant County Elections Judge and Elections Clerk, Susan oversaw elections in her precinct and made sure the laws, rules, and regulations were being followed. As a Member of Congress, Susan will support all states’ efforts to eliminate voter fraud and enforce their election laws -- leaving the federal government out of the process altogether.

Supporting Our Law Enforcement

For the past year, our brave law enforcement officers have been under attack from radical politicians in Washington. Enough is enough. Susan will fight any effort to “Defund the Police”, she will ensure our officers have the resources they need to keep our communities safe.

Creating Jobs & Growing The Economy

In Congress, Susan will promote a pro-growth, pro-worker and pro-family agenda that puts American workers and small businesses back in the driver’s seat. Susan will work to remove red tape and roll back burdensome regulations that make it harder for businesses to succeed, build on the Trump tax cuts, and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States from overseas.

Improving Our Education System

Susan believes that every American, regardless of their zip code, deserves a high-quality education. In Congress, Susan will fight to give Texas families the option to choose the education that best fits the needs of their child and believes that education policy should be left to the states and local governments, not Washington bureaucrats. Our students are already falling behind because of the extended, unnecessary school shutdowns. A one size fits all approach to education will only make it more difficult for our students to succeed.

Supporting Our Veterans & A Strong National Defense

The men and women of our armed forces risk their lives to defend our freedom, and without their sacrifice, we would not be able to enjoy our American way of life. In Washington, Susan will work to rebuild our military and strengthen our national defense. Our men and women in uniform deserve adequate resources and funding to stay safe and succeed on the battlefield. Susan will also work to fix our broken VA system and provide care to the 184,000 veterans that call North Texas home.