How Much Do Septum Piercings Cost? Average Cost Of A Septum

Are you considering a septum piercing? If so, you may be wondering how much do septum piercings cost. Septum piercings vary significantly in price depending on factors such as the type of jewelry you choose and the experience level of your piercer. In this blog post, we’ll explore these factors and others to help figure out what the average cost of a septum piercing is likely to be.

What Is A Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is a type of facial piercing that passes through the septum, or the thin wall of cartilage that separates the nostrils. While this type of piercing has been around for centuries and is still popular in some cultures today, it has recently gained popularity among modern body modification enthusiasts as well.

What Is A Septum Piercing?
What Is A Septum Piercing?

Types Of Septum Piercings

There are several different types of septum piercings, each with its own cost and healing time. The most common types are captive bead rings (CBR) and circular barbells (CB). Both CBR and CB piercings require a curved needle to be passed through the septum, followed by the insertion of the jewelry. Non-traditional piercing types such as septum clickers, clicker rings, and flesh tunnels are also becoming popular.

What Jewelry Material Is Used for Septum Piercing?

Septum piercings can be made with a variety of materials, including surgical steel, titanium, gold, and silver. Different jewelry materials may have different costs associated with them, as well as different healing times. For example, titanium is one of the most expensive options but also has the quickest healing time. Gold and silver typically heal more slowly than stainless steel or titanium, but they may be more comfortable for some people.

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Septum Piercing

Before knowing how much do septum piercings cost? As with any type of body modification, there are a number of pros and cons associated with septum piercings. The biggest pro is that it can be an attractive way to express yourself through body art. Septum piercings also have the benefit of being relatively low-maintenance compared to other types of facial piercings. On the downside, there is a risk of infection or damage to the cartilage if the piercing isn’t done properly.

How Much Do Septum Piercings Cost?

How much do septum piercings cost? The cost of a septum piercing can vary widely depending on the type of jewelry, the experience level of your piercer, and other factors. Generally speaking, a basic stainless steel CBR or CB will range from $30 to $50. Jewelry materials such as titanium or gold may cost more, ranging from $50 to $100 or more.

How Much Do Septum Piercings Cost?
How Much Do Septum Piercings Cost?

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Septum Piercings

Discover the Truth behind the Cost of Nose Piercings by Exploring Different Piercing Studios.

Are you looking to get a nose piercing, but confused about the varying prices? It’s important to shop around before settling on a professional to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Each piercing studio may give you different answers about pricing due to a variety of factors. Keep reading to unravel the mystery behind the cost of nose piercings.

Piercer Experience

Finding the right piercer is important, as their level of experience can affect pricing, quality, and pain level. Experienced piercers typically charge more, but their expertise makes for a smoother and safer experience. When it comes to septum piercings, it’s especially important to choose someone with skill and experience, as it’s a more difficult and sensitive area to pierce. While prices may vary slightly among piercers, it’s worth it to invest in a professional who can minimize discomfort and promote quicker healing. Don’t make the mistake of having a friend attempt a septum piercing, as it could lead to pain, scarring, or infection. Trust the professionals to get it right.

Studio Exposure

Investing in a well-known jewelry studio might mean spending a bit more, but it’s worth it. Don’t be fooled by lower prices elsewhere – trust is key when it comes to the safety and quality of your jewelry. Popular studios prioritize hygiene and safety protocols, ensuring you’re in the hands of skilled professionals. In the long run, a few extra dollars are nothing compared to the joy of wearing your jewelry for years to come.

Studio Location

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience for your piercings, consider visiting a busy studio in a highly populated area. While it may cost a bit more to travel to the city, the ambiance and overall experience are worth the investment. Smaller towns may not have as much demand for these services, making it harder for studios to stand out. So why settle for a mediocre experience when you can have an exceptional one? Choose a bustling studio and indulge in the ultimate piercing experience.


Get the most bang for your buck while searching for a piercing studio. Make sure to ask the receptionist if the jewelry is included in the price. Basic jewelry is usually covered in a flat fee, but if you’re looking for something specific, expect to pay extra. This is normal in the industry, so no need to fret. Be patient and wait until your piercing has fully healed before splurging on fancier options.

Extra Purchases

Discover everything you need to know about caring for your septum piercing with our guide to costs, jewelry options, and aftercare. When you visit a piercing studio, you’ll find a range of products available for purchase, including aftercare solutions that can help speed up the healing process and reduce any pain or soreness. Look out for vegan, alcohol-free sprays that work on all skin types and are easy to apply as a mist. You may also want to consider buying additional jewelry, such as circular barbells, hoops, or horseshoe-shaped rings, available in various metals such as silver, gold, and titanium. If you’re interested in stretching your septum piercing in the future, you’ll need to wait until it’s fully healed. Until then, consult the septum ring size chart to explore all of your options.

How To Make A Septum Piercings?

A septum piercing is done by making a puncture in the nasal septum. This is done using a sterile needle and jewelry that is specifically designed for this type of piercing. To properly pierce the septum, it is important to work with an experienced piercer who understands the anatomy of the nose and has a good eye for ensuring that the jewelry is properly placed.

How to Change Out a Septum Piercing?

If you’ve decided to switch out your septum piercing for a different type of jewelry, it’s important to take the proper steps in order to avoid any potential issues. First, wash your hands thoroughly and apply a few drops of saline solution on your piercing. This will reduce swelling and help with the healing process. Next, use tweezers to remove the old jewelry and replace it with the new one. Finally, use a cotton swab to apply some antimicrobial ointment on your piercing. This will help protect against bacterial infections.

How to Clean a Septum Piercing?

Cleaning your septum piercing is key to avoiding infection and prolonging the life of your jewelry. It’s important to clean twice a day, using a saline solution or antibacterial soap. Make sure not to use harsh soaps as they can irritate your skin. Start by washing your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing. Then, soak a cotton ball in a saline solution and apply it to your piercing for several minutes. Use a clean cotton swab to gently remove any dirt or discharge around the jewelry, followed by rinsing with lukewarm water. Finally, pat dry your piercing using a clean towel.

Tips For Finding The Best Deals On Septum Piercings

Once you have a better understanding of the factors that affect septum piercing cost, it’s time to start shopping around and find the best deals. Make sure to explore different studios in your area, as prices may vary greatly between them. If you’re looking for a high-quality experience without breaking the bank, consider visiting smaller jewelry shops or attending local body modification events. You can also check out online forums such as Reddit or Instagram to research the best piercer in your area and get an idea of their pricing structure. Finally, don’t forget to shop around for jewelry – if you’re looking for something unique or special, buying it separately from the piercing can save you some money.

Where To Get A Septum Piercing?

The best place to get a septum piercing depends on your tastes and budget. If you’re looking for a high-quality studio, visit jewelry shops in busy areas or research your options online. For those who want to save money, check out local events or smaller studios located away from the city center. You can also look into getting pierced at home, as there are now many at-home piercing kits available that can be bought online. Finally, some tattoo shops may offer piercings as well – just make sure to do your research and choose a licensed professional with experience in the field.

Where To Get A Septum Piercing?
Where To Get A Septum Piercing?

Conclusion: how much do septum piercings cost

How much do septum piercings cost? Septum piercings can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 or more, depending on factors such as jewelry type, studio location and quality, and additional purchases. It’s important to research your options before doing any piercing – trust is key when it comes to the safety and quality of your jewelry. Investing in a well-known jewelry studio might mean spending extra, but the peace of mind makes it worthwhile. To get the best deals on your septum piercing, explore different studios in your area and consider attending local body modification events or buying an at-home piercing kit. With a bit of research and caution, you can be sure to get the most out of your experience.

FAQs: septum piercings

How painful is a septum piercing?

Reduce nose piercing pain by staying relaxed during the procedure, according to piercers and those who have been pierced. Any discomfort should only last a week, but be sure to watch out for signs of infection or complications.

How much should I expect to pay for a septum piercing?

Get your septum piercing at the right place and adorn it with trendy jewelry without breaking the bank! The average price ranges between $40 and $100.

How much does a septum piercing hurt on a scale of 1 to 10?

Considering a septum piercing? Chances are, you’ve tested the waters by giving it a pinch. That brief moment of pain is nothing compared to the four out of ten on the pain scale that getting pierced actually registers as. Ready to take the plunge?

Can you flip your septum piercing right away?

Want to keep your septum piercing healthy? Leave it alone for the first 6-8 weeks before changing or flipping up the jewelry. If you need to hide it before then, it’s best to seek help from a professional piercer. They can guide you through changing the jewelry or provide a retainer to avoid irritating or infecting your piercing.

Do septum piercings get infected easily?

Septum piercings may seem fashionable, but they come with risks such as infection, allergic reactions, septal hematomas, and scarring. While reputable piercers can minimize these risks, they can still occur.

How do you prepare for a septum piercing?

Be hygienic and clear your nose before your piercing appointment. Our piercer will handle the cleaning, but let’s avoid any snot-related mishaps.

Can you shower with a septum piercing?

You can absolutely wash and swim with a newly pierced septum – no problem at all.

What does a septum piercing symbolize?

For many North American Tribes, the ring is a symbol of triumph and self-discovery after a grueling journey in the wilderness. To show their passage into manhood, they opted for septum piercings as a physical testament to their success.

Where is the sweet spot on a septum piercing?

Discover the Sweet Spot for Your Septum Piercing

Pinch your septum and feel for a thin area of skin between the hard cartilage and the tip – that’s the sweet spot for a septum piercing. It’s higher and further forward than you might think. Get it right with this simple guide.

Can my partner smell my septum piercing?

You’re not alone in experiencing a bad smell associated with your septum piercing. In fact, it’s a common occurrence among many who have undergone the healing process. Don’t worry, it’s known as “septum funk” or “septum stench” and is also common with other body piercings. While it may not be pleasant, take comfort in the fact that it’s a natural part of the healing process.

How big is a starter septum piercing?

Looking to get a septum piercing? The starting size usually falls between 14 to 18 gauge, but your piercer may recommend a size based on your individual needs. While 16 gauge (around 1.2mm) is the most popular, there are other options available. Let’s find the perfect size for you.

How can I hide my septum piercing?

Hiding your septum piercing is easy with the right retainer. Retainers are special pieces of jewelry designed to fit inside the piercing hole and keep it open while hiding it from view. Opt for a flexible material such as PTFE or silicone, and ask your piercer what size would be best suited for you.

Do septum piercings look crooked at first?

“Is your nose piercing looking a bit crooked? Don’t worry, it’s normal to experience swelling in the first few weeks. Plus, the circular barbell jewelry commonly used can sometimes appear slightly off-center. If you’re concerned, know that pressure from the septum cartilage can also cause the jewelry to shift during the healing process. Just be patient and give your piercing some time to settle into place.”

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